Friday, July 27, 2012

2012 Summer Soccer: A Statistical Review

Here is a statistical summary of the possession-related statistics compiled over our summer soccer season. This data reflects the median and range of results for each of the 19 halves during which we tracked the statistics.

Rate of Possession (Median)
Westbrook: 51%
Opponents: 49%

Number of Completed Passes (Median)
Westbrook: 86
Opponents: 80

Pass Completion Rate (Median)
Westbrook: 50%
Opponents: 52%

Rate of Possession (Range)
Westbrook: 41-59%
Opponents: 41-59%

Number of Completed Passes (Range)
Westbrook: 29-155
Opponents: 28-163

Pass Completion Rate (Range)
Westbrook: 33-59%
Opponents: 37-66%

A game-by-game look at the statistics can be seen at this archive.

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